Solution for Moms of boys!

I am a certified life coach and have narrowed down my niche. Now I am working on ensuring that my offer is juicy enough.
My niche is mothers of Boys, who are 45-55 years old, the kids are out of the house and they are lost and lonely.
The problem is: My kids are out of the house, now what? What do I do now that the kids don’t need me? The kids are gone and I don’t know my husband, we are like roommates.
My offer is: Hey Moms of boys, being the mom of boys is lonely. Then they grow up and leave and you are lost, lonely and don’t know who you are, what you should be doing and you and your husband are like roommates. I teach you how to re-connect with your husband, find your new purpose and love your life, and not by rehashing the past and focusing on what’s wrong!
I am working on making offers, just am looking for a bit of feedback.