Specific Enough Niche?

I am currently an event manager for social and corporate events. A big part of my work has always been to be and stay organized, as well as set the room for the feeling/theme the client desires. Without organization, and proper decor the events would not go smoothly.

After going through this months work I have realized that the organization and results that come from an event are what I love (but I don’t really love the rest of it). I want to start to lean into the future where a passion of mine (interior decorating), combines with organization, and eventually mind work.

That to me is an interior decorating / organization company that helps people organize their homes and their lives/minds. I believe so much in the thoughts and feelings that drive us in life, and I think it truly starts in the home. (Referring to the house, as well as the mind.) I want to teach people how to organize and decorate their home that gives them all of the good thoughts and feelings, so that they can go into the other parts of their lives (not just their home life) and organize and feel good there too.

I looked at the Entrepreneur section in assets to see if any of those worksheets could help organize and focus my brain, but instead it came to a little bit of a halt. When looking at the Narrowing Your Niche worksheet, #1 doesn’t necessarily have a category that my work would fit into. It would be a stretch, but I do think it could fit into Health if that is thought of as Mental Health. Only reason I think that would work is because the main reason is to de-clutter your home, and de-clutter your mind.

Is this worksheet mainly speaking to Life Coach Entrepreneurship and that’s why those are the 3 categories?
Also, the other main question I have would be – does this sound like I have a distinct enough Niche, or does it need to be tweaked / is it too complicated? Are there some questions I can ask myself to help be more specific on what exactly my clients would be getting from me?

Thank you for your help!