Spending time on the right things?

Hi Brooke,
I’m starting a healthcare consulting business and am planning to leave my current corporate position at the end of April. From now until then, I’m dedicating about 10 hours/week getting ready to ‘launch.’ Mostly all day on Friday as I don’t work at my full-time job on this day. I’m planning each Friday in chunks and dividing it into 4 categories:
1. Learning (On-line marketing (love amy porter field so much! thank you!), LinkedIn Ads, QuickBooks, how to start LLC, etc),
2. Building Content (writing copy for web site, also writing a blog every week and posting to my LinkedIn profile),
3. Developing my Personal Brand (linking past presentations and publications to my LinkedIn profile, writing and posting articles, connecting with a bigger network) and
4. Creating a Client List (excel file of companies within my target market that are nearby or within 100 miles of me).

Just wanted to check with you….do you think this is a good list? Would you recommend I spend more/less time on any one area?
Thank you!