I had a discussion with my husband regarding the way I’m setting up my new coaching business. He was telling me that I’m thinking small:

  1. Cheap business cards; not willing to invest in a lawyer support
  2. Not willing to try to address prestigious women networks, not willing to use my manager experience in addition to coaching certification to address corporates…He thinks I should be thinking big…

On the other side, here are my thoughts on point 1 (I’ll send another question for point 2 as I want to think more about it):

– I need to be cautious and purposeful with money. I spend where there is really an added value for the moment. For example, I invested in 2Kfor2K. But, as of now, I’m not convinced it’s worth it to invest on a lawyer or a designer for my business cards. I’m aware that it could help me, make me save time, have better settled outcomes. But on the other side, I don’t want to spend too much because I’m not convinced yet I’ll be able to find enough clients and soon enough to pay for that.

I’m aware that it could be somehow a mix of the following:
– A manifestation of a scarcity mindset
– A manifestation of me not confident of my capacity to sell coaching
– A way for me to prove that I can spend purposefully (I used to spend a lot and regret afterwards)