Spinning out in confusion and indecision about what to do next…

For context, I’m working full-time in a corporate still so I’m building my business in the early mornings, evenings and weekends. I also have the luxury of an executive salary while I build my business and I don’t plan to leave my job until 2025 because I’ll get an equity payout at that time. My husband lost his job of 10 years suddenly a couple weeks ago so I’m wondering if that is contributing to my sudden and severe anxiety about what the fuck I’m actually doing with this business. I’ve only made $1000 via a six-week, 1|1 coaching package so far.

I launched a digital course + group coaching program – The Commit Academy – in May via three live webinars, emails, etc. (ala Amy Porterfields DCA). I invested in a project manager/backend tech person and a FB Ads person. Those plus ad costs put me at ~$10k for this launch. My thoughts going in were that I was launching for a few main reasons: 1) to force myself to finish the work necessary for the launch, 2) to grow my email list, which I did by about 300 people and 3) to get a live launch under my best and learn from it.

The show up rates for the webinars were dismal and I ended up with zero sales. I was prepared for this with my first launch, but it’s been about 5 weeks and I still can’t shake the disappointment and now I’m spinning out about what to do next. I’ve committed to launching again in September, but with my husband’s job loss I really can’t afford FB ads (or help) again and I’m not sure trying again without them is even worth it.

Also, I had only recorded module one prior to the launch. I was supposed to have the other three modules recorded by the end of June and I haven’t even touched them. I just cannot seem to get myself to finish the course.

Now… I’ve added niche drama to the mix in two ways. The first is wondering if I should redo my program to be specific to weight loss so I’m able to speak more directly about results and value people get. The second is that I’m suddenly interested in becoming a Pet Loss Grief Coach. This would be a complete overhaul of everything I’ve spent the past couple of years building (website, content, etc.) but feels more aligned to who I am. I have all kinds of thoughts about asking people to pay for this support though too…

C: Business focus/next steps
T: I don’t know what to do
F: Overwhelmed
A: Spin out mentally. Do nothing of value in business. Buffer with learning and food. Change mind constantly.
R: Don’t figure out how to move forward