Splitting my program

I have finally narrowed my niche down and am creating a program for women who struggle with bulimia, binge eating, and negative self-perception (all falling under the bulimia category). I struggled and overcame this issue so I’m very passionate to teach people how.

However, those with bulimia are commonly also 10-20 pounds above their healthy goal weight, much like I was. So I want to include a phase of my program after they have overcome bulimia all about how to lose weight in a healthy, non-restrictive, sustainable way. But I worry that this may be too much for one program. So I am considering splitting the program. How to overcome bulimia and then how to lose weight after recovering from bulimia.

The other option I have been considering is that the weight loss program is just an optional add-on that costs less than the major bulimia course.

Any opinions would be appreciated. Thank you.