Stand-alone courses or Membership

Hi Brooke,

I’m the artist who also teaches online.
In my industry, there are currently two models:
1. the artist would offer her course on her own website. there is a variation here, as the artist may have another more well-known teacher host her class on their site, pay them a commission, for the potential of reaching more people. these courses are mostly between $35 to $75, with Early Bird specials, and discounts throughout the year.
2. there are collaborative art courses, which are the collaborations of a few to twenty-ish teachers. these are good value for money, and often runs for longer time, many a year, or it could be a smaller collaboration. the year-long ones are about $120 with early bird or discount to $90. (just some context so you know what my market is like in terms of $).
So, my experience is I have had one course hosted on a friend’s site last year, and I’m part of two collaborative year-long courses this year.

Now as I’m developing new content and courses, I can launch them as individual courses, like what everyone is doing.
But I feel inspired by your membership model with Scholars. Frank Kern’s Inner Circle looks like it’s a similar model with monthly content and everything included?
If I do membership, I can develop monthly content, and offer new courses (that I would have otherwise offer individually) all in the membership as “bonus” like you with scholars.
This has never been done by my industry before, which probably means I should do it?
How do I know if I’m ready?
I’ve already developed one brand new art course that I can offer. Shall I offer that as an individual course? Or hold off until my membership program is developed?

Please help! My brain is messing with me.