Starting a Coaching Business

I have a semi-successful (< 100K annual gross) one-person speaking, training, consulting, business ( that I’ve run for a number of years. As part of that business, I’m done some limited coaching in the areas of personal and professional development as well as speaking/communication/presentation skills.. I publish a monthly newsletter – Great Days e-Tips – which focuses on how to have more great days on and off the job. I’d like to build a coaching business focused in a different market – women 55/60+ who want more energy, enthusiasm, enjoyment in their lives while dealing with the issues and attitudes of aging — their thoughts about aging, health, fitness, caregiving for spouse/family members, staying mentally sharp, mental health, dealing with adult children, grandchildren, widowhood, boredom, letting go of “stuff”, self-pity, change, re-inventing themselves, finding meaning and purpose, etc. Initially the target geographic area would be DFW as that’s where I live. I’m 72 (73 in Dec) but have no desire to “retire”. In fact, I enjoying working and have the desire to make a lot of money. (Like Brooke, I think money is awesome!) For more than 10 years, I’ve published a monthly email newsletter. The mailing list currently has more than 3,000 names, most, however, not in the target market I’m considering. I have MANY questions – first and foremost formulating a plan for getting started. As you can tell by my age, I probably don’t have 10 years to build this business! I would appreciate your thoughts on whether this is a viable idea and, if so, where to start.