Starting a membership program

I am overwhelmed where to start with a membership program. I got software months ago and haven’t created any content yet. I anticipate issues with lighting for videos and editing. It feels stressful to have to pay someone for editing when money is tight and also stressful to have to do it myself. I could also just allow videos to be imperfect, which probably feels best for now. But then I need to decide what topic to start with and how much content to create each month and if I want to have a few months worth of content when I first launch it.

I’m worried this will all be very time intensive and unsustainable. I also have an employee and intern (both smart and good workers) who are excited about it and am not sure what roles to assign them. Then there will need to be marketing and building up a waitlist while we create this content. And I will need to learn how the F to use Kajabi (membership software). And it seems like maybe there should be a launch date and timeline for all these steps. It’s just kind of overwhelming and I feel decision fatigue and that it’s hard being the leader sometimes.

I think all of these perceived obstacles are preventing me from getting started creating the content, which I am actually excited to do. Ugh!