Starting to coach for free

Hi Brooke!
I am hoping to come train with you in August and become a coach. I am profoundly changed since starting with scholars and sincerely believe I have enormous value to give the world through coaching.
I have not coached before and am looking forward to learning more about holding space and art of coaching itself. I am dying to get some practice in in the meantime though and start bringing my message to the world, though. I can’t wait until September.
What do you think about my bringing together a small group on which to practice coaching and start coaching for free. I was thinking of a six week programme with a weekly one hour meeting. Is this insane?
I listen to Russell Brunson, Marie Forleo and you all talk about bringing massive value into the world and 100% subscribe to the notion that you should put out abundantly into the world.
On the other hand I hear you say – and this makes absolute sense to me – that having people buy in and ascribe a value to a service makes them want a service and makes them more invested in applying themselves to that service. What do you think?