Starting my business: Not so excited

I am starting my business as a modern art dealer joining forces with my husband.
We have chosen a niche, which was natural to us and makes sense.
However in the morning when I do my vision, it is difficult to get excited, to see it all in front of me.
Then I am beating myself up: ‘I do not have a vision, not so excited, I do not like trading…
It follows question with who am I and what do I really want.
It feels like failing ahead of time, but it is difficult to create passion and drive within myself.
Any suggestions to keep myself motivated and on track?
Here are my models:
C: Starting art business
T: I do not have a vision
F: demotivated, depressed, numb
A: questioning, beating myself up. Not doing marketing, writing to client, finding ideas
R: Stay messy, nothing moves
C: Starting art business
T: You love drawings, try it
F: curious, glimpse of excitement, simple
A: write to clients, work on my website, ask for help…
R: Things will shape up