Starting on my own

I am starting my own business being an art broker/advisor. I have been working for big firms for over 20 years and have great experience and knowledge.

Despite the fear, I am determined and I have started to go out and speak to people.

Yesterday I met a couple of clients and at the end of the day I felt worthless, questioning what I am offering.

My offers are not specific yet as I want to keep the conversation open to see what comes up as there are different ways to do it.

When I am motivated, all is good. When I am down like yesterday, the recurrent thoughts are “I am worthless, I am nothing, I do not know who I am” which obviously makes me feel crushed, wanting going back to the cave and quit.

When I do intentional models with the thoughts: “You are fucking great” or “Just pick one thing, focus on your goal, just do it, you will figure it out” I regain my energy and my drive again.

I am wondering how to soften the killing thoughts of the first model, which is really putting me down and making me really depressed and crushed.