Starting to get paid for coaching whilst in coach certification

I am in CCP and I currently work with a few volunteer clients (not paid). I would like to start taking on paid clients in the New Year. I have a thought about a possible niche – working with mums who
1) want to start their own business or
2) have their own business but are struggling with juggling business, kids and self-care or
3) no longer enjoy their kids, their life, themselves, and want to get out of this rut – dream again, set goals for themselves, have fun with their family

I’d like to offer a package of several sessions, instead of offering one off sessions. I have no website, no Instagram account, no FB page, currently. I don’t have an email list of potential clients, just my contacts/friends/ex colleagues. I don’t want to fall into the trap of needing to set everything up perfectly, spending hours on setting up an online presence, before actually making offers. I also don’t have the time to do that (besides CCP, I have three little kids at home, and I take care of all household related things myself). And I don’t think my niche is defined enough. I don’t know how much to charge. Where do I start? How do I make progress with this? My thoughts are jumbled.