Starting To Rethink My Business/Career/Why.

Hi Coaches ,

So I fell into my career path (digital marketing, design & development [web, apps etc]). Lately, I’ve been questioning if it’s truly what I want to be doing with my life.

Quick background: I started this agency a few years ago when I was still at college, developing websites for friends and family. As it progressed, I slowly started putting together a team, but I’ve always known that this isn’t my long term plan. I recently got an offer to get bought out by a slightly larger agency and I’m now deciding if I want to commit to this industry for the next 5 years or not.

There are some elements that I do enjoy about the industry, but overall it’s not my true passion. I enjoy the strategy and creating things. But I dislike how saturated the space is, with numerous companies who don’t know what they’re doing and are ruining it for the rest. I also don’t enjoy the culture of the industry, ie: cutthroat and working ludicrous hours to satisfy your clients (when it can be done within the typical daily hours).

I find myself researching tech startups and innovative technologies in my free time. I can spend hours researching & conceptualizing startup ideas and solutions, that’s when I enter my flow state.

I’ve been trying to understand my obsession with startups & technology, and it comes down to the following:
> The monetary/scale potential (ie: scaling from $1k to $1b in a matter of months [point in case, Clubhouse, DoorDash, Snapchat etc.)
> The potential for globalization (ie: the ability to travel around the world)
> The potential for real impact on the world (bringing people joy, making their life easier etc.)
> The ability to focus on perfecting your product/app/platform etc.

However, creating a startup is not something you can simply start when you feel like. A successful startup takes a deep understanding of a particular industry or niche, their pain points, creating a novel solution and ultimately market research, to ensure that your intended market truly wants what you’re offering.

So my thinking is to decline this offer and carry on building this agency while exploring startup ideas on the side. Best case scenario: I come across the ultimate startup idea and groom my second in command to run the agency while I explore this idea. Worst case scenario: I’ve built up a succesful, global agency over the years.

I’m just a bit confused on where exactly I want to go with all of this. I don’t truly know what my ’passion’ is. I am confused when it comes to the direction. I started my small agency with the mindset that this is not my long term goal, just something to pay the bills for now. Recently I have been trying to dig deep into finding my ‘why’.

Please could you help coach me on this 🙂