Startup Indecision & Risk

I think I have a compelling offer because I’ve pitched it to 9 people and 8 of them wanted to know how to sign up.

The offer is to help local teachers here on the Caribbean island of St. Maarten double their income selling online courses.  I’m going to teach them how to identify and build easily on a platform I provide for them, using their newfound skills in online instruction since the pandemic began.

But to deliver on the offer I need to get my platform up and running. One bottleneck is that payment processing requires that I establish an LLC in the U.S., and my agent says that’s another 55 days wait for the IRS to approve it. The other bottleneck is I need about $10k to secure the services of a good developer.

My instinct is to pre-sell a beta offer to 50 people to raise the funds, letting them know it won’t be ready until January. But I’m afraid of all the things that can go wrong to prevent me from delivering on time. The whole idea is to enroll in TLCS certification ASAP. I can go another route and start offering coaching 1-on-1 coaching packages (I’m certified from another school), but somehow that doesn’t get me quite as excited.

This is keeping me up at night. Was hoping to get coached on this personally, but decided to try here first.