staying positive and confident in adversity

Hello. My biggest frustration is staying positive during adversity. I am the Controller of a digital and sports radio business and my husband is a campaign manager in politics. We get big hits that send me into a downward spiral. I will focus on my problems for now. We have a direct competitor in our digital space who copies what we write and market. They are out to take us over. Many are old employees who want to beat us. That is normal but I get depressed when they do something that is much like what we do and I would hate them to do it better or get our advertisers. Our sales manager gets drowned in the weeds and I want to be a stable and confident manager to help her get out of them. I want to be that for my boss, the CEO as well. I get overwhelmed with anxiety or that I don’t care enough because I tell her to not get sucked in. I want to be a leader in the company for confidence and help.