Staying positive before cash flow incoming

Coach, how do I stay positive before cash flow starts coming in? Actually, how do I stay positive before I have validated my course and sold the first 5-10 courses. (I am building an online course to help small businesses with 20 or more employees streamline their purchasing process.

I am using your 6 steps to content creation. I have done the bullet points, fleshed them out and created PowerPoint slides. Now I just need to practice them out loud, and edit the slides as I do this to improve the logical flow. Somehow I’m stuck on doing this. I haven’t made a strong decision on whether to “pre-record” and upload, or whether to do live zoom calls for the first launch.

I think I would really like to do a pre-recorded one, so I can have this finished. So I can focus on creating more value ahead of time for my potential sales. I don’t even know what’s stopping me. Usually I can break tasks down into smaller bits and get it done. I did practice record module 1 yesterday and the practice went okay, but I don’t know how to make it flow better logically. Module 1is more about getting in the right frame of mind and letting go of what’s been tried in the past. Module 2 is more technical, which I can explain better. Thanks, any insight would be really helpful. Promise I’ll stop asking questions when I’m not so stuck. Thanks