Staying True to my Goals

I started my own interior design business in late 2018. For several reasons, it has not taken off madly, but I have had some clients and am making more money hourly than I would have ever dreamed that I could 3 years ago. I am prepared to stop under earning this year by raising my rates, enlisting some social media help, and becoming more of a community presence.

This week, I have an interview with THE interior designer in my area. I honestly do not know exactly what she is going to be asking me to do for her – it could be help with interior design work or office work. I know that I could learn so much from her either way, but I have been super focused on growing my company and my hourly wage this year. I do not want to take steps backward, and I do not want to put my own company on the backburner, but the connections that this woman has are amazing. I can’t imagine her paying me $100/hour – which is what I charge for design work – but perhaps the payoff would be in connections and education?

If you could give any guidance or suggestions, it would be most appreciated. Thank you so much for all that you are doing! It is most appreciated.