Staying with unintentional model thoughts until I believe something new…

Hello amazing coaches,
In my coaching session today we discussed my unintentional model thought.
We discussed how I shouldn’t rush to an IM without staying with the thought I had which is generating the feeling out of which I’m taking action.
What does staying with it look and feel like? Do I think the thought and turn it over in my mind and develop some curiosity about it?
For how long?
My lovely coach said, “until it fades away” and then I can pick up my new thought.
Can you tell me a bit more about sitting with the thought?
Do I just mull it over?
Do I set a timer “right, 5 minutes on that awful thought I like to beat myself up with”.
Do I think about what might have led me to think that thought in the first place?
Thank you for your thoughts 😀