Steady flow of clients

The month of December was great for me in terms of the amount of contracts I was able to get in one month but here’s what I’m noticing. I spent December and January focused on delivering my services for those contracts. Now it’s February and I need new clients. I was consumed over the last month delivering high-quality service but I didn’t spend enough time or have a system in place to bring in new clients. Right now I’m a solopreneur with some VA help. As I’m finishing up work on my clients from December, I realize I need to get more clients. This is a new service, new business, and I am slowly building a team. I was able to build a lead magnet so I’m in the process of creating paid and organic traffic funnels to move subscribers to a free call which is how I convert. But I seem to get stuck in this feast and famine cycle because I don’t have the time to both service my existing clients and prospects for new ones? What am I missing here? Is it too early for me to expect I can do both by myself? Or will I get the hang of this as I nail down and refine my processes so it doesn’t take as much time to deliver my services?
Any insights you can provide will be appreciated.