Stepmom niche revised

Hi Brook,
The process of creating a niche is quite the challenge, however, after writing my problem and sellable solution about 20x here’s what I came up with please let me know what you think, is it a good sellable solution. Also huge thank you to Brook, Lisa and scs tutors for helping me see alittle more clear.
I work with stepmoms thinking about divorce because they feel unsupported by their husbands who don’t understand their frustration and overwhelm with having a stepchild and an angry ex.
I will teach you how to save your marriage and love your husband more than before.
I will teach you how to choose love on purpose by using your pre frontal cortex to make decisions, instead of acting from your emotions. You will learn how to acknowledge the feelings that don’t serve you so you can start feeling in-control and at peace in your marriage instead of disconnected and resistant.
My badass stepmom masterclass takes you from powerless to confident in 6 amazing weeks!
Are you ready?