Steps 2&3 of NYN WS – KED

I conduct, and train others to conduct, civil rights and patron complaint investigations for K12 education organizations. As I’m learning self coaching 101 from Brooke and applying the model to my own life and work, I’m working on finding a way to coach other investigators to apply the model to overcome the resistance that come up for them as they investigate. As I work through the Narrowing Your Niche worksheet to incorporate this new take on my work, I’m getting hung up on Step 3. Most of the work I have done is with people who are fairly inexperienced in formal investigations, and they don’t recognize the specific problems that come up for them causing their resistance; I see it as an outside and more experienced investigator. I find a lot of them recognize they have a problem, but I don’t know what they would Google to find help with it. These are common problems I hear “I don’t know why I have to do this investigation,” “I don’t know what to do next,” and “I already know the outcome, why do I have to go through all this work.” I feel the last one is the biggie here. This hangup also sends me back go Step 2 of the worksheet – do I need to re-think my niche here?