Still stuck on making offers to get the no/yes

Hi there. I started SCS for the “double your business in three months” program and I am still in mind drama about making offers. I make lists and my brain is like “I don’t know who to make offers to.” “I don’t know enough people.” “I don’t know where to meet people.” “If I want t make 10k in this three months I need to find more people, but where???”

I feel that familiar frustrated anger in my stomach and throat. I get mad. I think that it’s not fair that no one will tell me exactly who to talk to. When I ask for coaching, I also get mad with the coaching I receive around “what if you did know?” So, this is some mind drama that I want to work on. Where do you suggest that I start the model? I’m struggling to find the C in this situation.
C- making offers
C-response to coaching
C- finding people to make offers to
C-my brain considering how to make offers
Thank you!