Still trying to double my business –

I signed up for SCS at the double your business in three months course and I have not yet reached that goal (and it still is a goal!). I am a feminist coach who helps glass-shattering, patriarchy-smashing, impact-making women shed second-guessing and fear for good. I help them advocate for themselves like they do for others. I have a Ph.D. in women’s and gender studies, a coaching certification (Coaching for Transformation through Leadership that Works), and global gender scholarship experience. My clients get both research-based, reusable skills to help them feel calm and confident in a 1:1 individualized 12-week program.

I had three clients in November/December. Two wrapped up with me feeling very satisfied with our work and I know that they would come back to me if they wanted to restart coaching. I’m still working with one of those clients and she resigned. I signed another client. I am at $2400 in 2021. I send out a weekly email to my list of 88 people. I post on social media and make offers 3-4 times daily. I reach out to people to try to collaborate, get referrals, and let them know about my coaching. I know that something is missing around my mindset and the ways to make offers.

In December, along with 50 others, I got fired from my role as a tenured/full professor (a religious university can now terminate people without cause). Then my family and I got Covid. We hit a hard pause until the end of February due to the brain fog of Covid. I’ve been back and working really hard since March.

Lately, though, I am waking up with fear and panic feelings in my body about money and my business. I really thought that I would have reached my goal of signing 10 more clients (total of 12) by mid-April. I haven’t. My results show me that I’m doing something wrong and then I use TW to be mean to myself which makes me feel all sorts of Fs and think all sorts of Ts that don’t align with an abundance mindset. I try to process the emotion.

I noticed yesterday that one model is:
C – Goal to sign 10 clients
T – It won’t work for me (It “never” works for me – I’m the only one who can’t do it.)* one of those variations
F – desperate
A – look for more programs to buy (I’m in SCS, 2k, Joyful Marketing), write new social media posts. think mean Ts (I’m a failure), look for evidence of my victimhood, wish to coach & despair/compare myself to others who are fully booked.
R – I look for evidence that Brooke’s process doesn’t work for me.

Please help me figure out how to create a new model so that I can have a focused, abundant mindset & sign 10 clients. Thank you.