Stop paying attention to others’ social engagement

I market my coaching business on social media and post offers daily (I do not use the same definition for offer as Brooke does in the Entrepreneurship course). I love what I share. Some posts get more likes than others. Recently, I’ve noticed lots of insecurity as several posts get no likes nor comments. However, I can see views and how many accounts my stuff has reached.

The problem comes in when I scroll to engage on others’ content to contribute and nurture relationships. Without actively looking for the engagement others’ posts, I do see that some (and if feels like everyone except me though I know that’s not true) friends and connections get so much conversation on the stuff they post. I want that kind of conversation on the original content I produce so that I can feel like what I am sharing is making an impact on people’s lives. I’m getting very insecure to keep posting and thinking of new and different ways to post and only seeing a couple of likes or nothing.

I see others’ engagement and I think to myself, “What is it about them? Are people not relating to me? I’m tired of just serving the invisible people who never engage with my stuff.” I recognize that I’m acting and feeling like I need validation from others that what I’m doing matters. I think that will reduce my insecurity. It’s like I’m out in the street speaking from my heart, getting inside clients’ mind and sharing sharing sharing, and the passersby just keep walking not even looking at me. Some will stop and applause and keep going. But nobody stopping to actually talk with me.

This is what’s going on inside my head and I need help.