Stop Under Earning 2 – Questions

Hi! Here are my answers to the second set of questions for Stop Under Earning. Thanks for the response to my first set, I feel the coaching was super helpful.

Who am I when I make $200,000? How am I different right now?

When I make $200,000 a year I think I will: (Things I can technically do now.)

Feel confident in my decision-making. Confident that I am worthwhile and providing value in the world. I won’t worry about debt. I won’t feel like I am worth less than my partner. My family may feel jealous or upset with me. I will feel like I have achieved enough and be able to relax. I will sleep as much as I want. I won’t worry about missing sleep. I won’t be afraid of losing my job. If people yell or say mean things, I won’t take it personally. I will be able to eat exactly what I want at each meal. I will give to charity and social organizations. I will wear clothes that I love. I will do artwork. I will take classes if I feel like it.

(Things that might be circumstances)
Be free to move jobs and locations if I want to. I will be able to afford health care. I will able to save enough for a comfortable retirement. I will pay off my student loans. I will be able to leave an inheritance to my kids. I will be able to purchase a home. I will purchase a nice electric car. I will travel when I want to. I will take lots of vacations. I will travel internationally.

How do I love myself more?
This one makes me feel weird right away. Lump in my throat and anxiety/tingling skin.

(Things I can technically do now.)
I choose what I want because I want it.

I process my emotions. I let go of things I think are past mistakes. I give myself a break and stop being so hard on myself.

I get enough sleep and eat what makes me feel good. I care for my body. I get health care.

I forgive myself for being imperfect. I let myself make mistakes. I try new things, even if they might not work out.

I surround myself with people who love me. I let people love me and get to know me. I forgive others for being imperfect.

I stop thinking things like death and illness that happened in the past are potentially imminent in the future.

I let myself relax and enjoy myself. I give myself permission to do things that give me joy. I exercise. I go outside.

I set incremental, achievable goals. I let myself envision a future that is amazing.

Would I be doing this if I was already making 200,000?

(Things I can technically do now.)
I might still volunteer, but likely for a different organization.

I might not cook for my kids as much. I might cook for my dog.

I would let my daughter live with me for 1 year after high school.

I would help my adult son who has a chronic illness. I would probably help him more.

I would be more present in my relationships, as spending less time worrying about money. I would let myself make friends with people who have more money.

I would hire people to help me when I need help. I would probably pay someone to clean my house. I would definitely be getting life coaching.

I would go out to nice restaurants. I would worry less about paying for bills and spending money on small things.

I hope I would not drink very much. I might smoke marijuana occasionally.

I would believe I can make more than $200,000.

(Things that might be circumstances)
I would be in control of my career. I think I would live in a different location, or spend winters in a different location.

Thanks for your input.