Stop under earning: be patient or make people respect your value?

I have been an entrepreneur for 2 years now. I decided to offer my business development services to American fashion brands that do not have experience in the EU market. My initial idea was to work for several brands and maybe to build a team however, I had found one brand (one client) I was happy with as I loved the brand and I managed to get a good rate (monthly rate + commissions).

We worked so well together for 2 years building the business in Europe and they were happy about my work. Unfortunately, covid arrived and last march they decided to cut expenses and let me go. I did not find another job. I did homeschooling for my daughter and could self-support with my savings.

Five months later I contacted them to see whether I could work for them as an agent during this uncertain time so payment would be based on commissions only and I was back on board. Everything is now digital so the time I spend working for them is reduced to half in comparison to before which made me accept the fact that I earn less ( I earn 1/4 of what I used to earn) however, results are good.

This January EU sales improved +150% as I brought in 7 new accounts. These results made me confident to ask for a fixed rate again + commission. I asked them what I need to do to earn what I used to earn before. They asked me to wait 3 more months until the covid situation is better. They had too much loss last year with covid and said can’t yet justify my rate. They said they will but not just yet.

So my question is: do I have to accept this and wait 3 months with no guarantee that the situation gets better and find other jobs to be able to have what I need to feel good, or do I need to drop them and find something else with the risk that I might find better or worse?

As I work on my own, it is hard to be in the same project at the same time so I have to choose. The thing is that I feel good working with this client. I like the product and the client target and I have finally found the balance at home between work and family however I do deserve more and I feel I made the effort and showed them what I can do and the added value I can provide to the company.

Do I give them more time? What do you think? Thank you!