Stop Underearning 1 – Questions

Here are my answers to the questions to the first stop under-earning video. Any feedback is appreciated.

1) Why are you underearning?
I doubt my ability to generate a high level of income and maintain an income source. I struggle to work in groups over time. I have negative feelings with inner conflict and resentment towards others. I am currently unemployed and feel reticent, or like I don’t know where to start or will do the wrong thing and fail. I think the C’s in the past will happen again in the future (unhealthy work environment, low pay, feeling like I am never good enough even in positions I am over-qualified for, getting fired, feeling unhappy, unfulfilled, and trapped in my job). I constantly feel like I am not good enough and often feel resentful of others in working groups for past conflicts or for not supporting me.

2) What does femininity in business mean to you?
Embracing feminine, receptive energy to become more effective in communication and earning. Instead of hiding who you are and trying to fit into expectations and oppressive power structures, you embrace who you are, and behave in a strong, flexible, authentic, loving, and forgiving way. Being open to solutions that allow for time off, self-care, empowerment, and recognition of others, equity, inclusion, and kindness, as vehicles for success instead of barriers to success.

3) How much money do you want to make?
$120,000 (I don’t currently believe this is possible.)

This whole process feels challenging to me. I feel frustrated and want to cry when I do this work. I have a master’s degree. I have made about $40,000 a year since I graduated in 2016. I’m currently unemployed. I’m doing volunteer work that feels unfulfilling and challenging right now and I am not thrilled with the jobs that seem available to me. I think I won’t be chosen even for the jobs I don’t really want. I know that working on my thoughts and feeling my feelings is the way forward.

Thank you! I’ll watch the next video and I appreciate your time.