Struggle with "I am enough" belief

When I am in the middle of a coaching session and in action I KNOW that I am an amazing and strong coach. I do struggle with that belief (specifically when it comes to putting myself out there in big ways and making offers) when I am not coaching per se.

It is an old belief that comes from childhood (my dad drilling into me that I have to be better than everyone around me to “make it”) that I have been battling in different areas of my life. In some I have overcome it after years of writing “I am enough” affirmations daily (my personal life).

But when it comes to seeing myself as a professional I have not yet. It has pushed me to work very hard at bettering myself. Courses, certifications (hence me being a very strong coach). But no matter what I do my brain still insists on the thought that I will be good enough after the next certification.

I started journaling daily (almost) about how and why in fact I am enough. To have a full client roster. To make 200k/year. And intellectually I understand and accept that but it is definitely not an embodied belief yet. I currently have 1-2 active clients (never had more than 3 at at time and the most I made in a month was $1000) after 7 or so years of coaching.

Do I continue doing my thought work every morning and rewiring my brain day after day? Perhaps there is more I can do or something I am not seeing?
My current model:
C: me as a coach
T: I am not enough
F: insecure, inadequate
A: consume a lot of information (currently binging on Self Coaching Scholars live coaching call recordings), but hardly take action (meet people, tell them I am a life coach and make offers, post on social media, etc), comparing myself to other coaches
R: no new clients

Thank you!!