Struggling to brand myself and stick with it

I’m a digital marketing consultant and I also run a blog where I’m considered an “influencer” in the food and event space. I’ve struggled with how to piece out the different parts of my business and my blog. My business services small business owners, I help them with their digital marketing. My blog is very public facing, creating content for the community and the world. I resided myself to working on building both – the consultant side and the influencer side and I’ve been splitting my time between them, but I don’t think that it’s working anymore. I don’t know how to make my two businesses work together in a way that works for me. I’ve had some success with marketing events I was working on through my blog, but now with COVID-19 I can’t push in that area anymore. I’m trying to pivot but not sure how. I would like to constrain myself to offering limited services that help me make real money as what I’ve been doing chasing small jobs hasn’t created any stability for me. Any insight would be appreciated