Struggling to move from face to face training to online classes

I’ve been successfully Training students in group face to face sessions for over 10 years, but I’m now absolutely exhausted. I’m wanting to change my business model to online so I can help more people; even those who are unable to travel to my classes & also scale my business at the same time. I currently have a long waitlist ready to jump into my program – almost enough for my 2020 intake. I’ve been wanting to create an online course for ages but am unable to find the time to complete it due to my current student demands. I know that nothing will change until I finish the online course but just can’t seem to get there. Is it my mindset that’s holding me back or should I take a few months off from the in-person training to free up time to focus on the online training creation. I’ve recently had a week off between Christmas & New Year where I had hoped to create content & videos but have done nothing but passive (buffering) learning & rest.

How do I work out what’s holding me back? Any advice is warmly welcomed. Thank you