Struggling with Openness to Receive Money

I have done the money work twice and I love love love it! So much clicked the second time around. What I am seeing now is that I have thoughts that produce feelings of contraction around the receipt of money from coaching clients. I logically understand that I am putting out value into the world that didn’t exist before and that I am contributing to the collective value of our world and therefore the collective increase in money. BUT…I still have the thought “I am taking money from them (i.e. clients).

C: $10,000 coaching package offer
T: I am taking money from her and I shouldn’t be
F: guilty
A: half ass offers, don’t show up confidently, shy away from my people even when they say they want what I have!
R: I don’t receive money

I have had a circumstance when a woman (who is now a client) told me, “I would pay you $50,000 to help me with this. I’m in.” So I have evidence and C’s but my belief is still guilty and scared around the receipt of money.

I made $160,000 in my corporate career and had some feelings of guilt around receiving that as well due to thoughts like…I should work harder for this. This is so easy to make this money and it shouldn’t be this easy. I don’t have to work as hard as other people and I should work more. I am smarter than other people and I shouldn’t be. This shouldn’t be so easy.

I believe the value I provide to my clients is 5x my price. Or maybe I don’t based on the model above? When I think about the price I get the value but the thought of “taking” the money freaks me out.

Thank you!