Struggling with the "results" line in regards to my current membership program launch…

I’m never entirely clear on the results line of my intentional model. In this instance, I am launching a membership and am having some crappy thoughts about it.

C: Membership launch
T: This isn’t working
F: Defeat
A: Pull back. Hide.
R: This doesn’t work

C: Membership launch
T: This is working, but it needs time to work
F: Relaxed
A: Plan some additional “active” marketing
R: ? This works? I give it the time it needs to work? *
* This is where I get confused since it’s a future result and I think my result is supposed to be in the present.

If I work it backwards, is it ok to have a future result?

R: A thriving membership program?
A: Consistent, daily marketing actions
F: Committed
T: I am committed to creating a thriving membership program no matter what the start looks like
C: Membership program launch