"Stuck" at my job

This is actually a topic I am trying to get my head around since I joined Scholars. I am using almost every coaching call for this topic.
I have been working for a good amount of time for my employer. I enjoy the team, most of the work as well, but I know I want to focus on something else in my next position. I had the chance with this job to live in a very beautiful place and move together with my partner. I really enjoy my living situation and it breaks my heart to know that I need to leave this place. I know that the likelihood of getting the job I want is very minimal. Getting the job I want PLUS staying at the place I live at, sounds almost impossible.

I also do not really take action, because I don’t want to give up what I achieved in my private life and I also think it is just a waste of time looking for such jobs. I am getting more and more frustrated and feel stuck in this thought loop.

I also realized that I make my C line determine my thoughts and realized that I will not be happy in my new position either, since I know I am running behind a feeling which I make dependent on the C line. Realizing this, I decided that it is currently fine to be with my current job and I need to focus on transforming my thought within the current context. But I am not sure if I’m trying to trick myself and I’ll end up feeling not ambitious / courageous / good enough to pursue a different goal. Moreover, I think I make staying in the current position means I have a rather boring life and am not making progress. I always felt the sector I am in is incompatible with the private life I currently have and I do not want to give up the private life I have now. It seems I need to chose between career or personal life.

If I try to take action (look for jobs/apply) it is usually very forced and I give up after a short amount of time. I start beating myself up (not being ambitious enough) etc.

Could you support how to get out of this thought loop? Thank you!