Stuck in inaction

I have a goal to enroll 10 more clients in my program by the end of the year. I wrapped up my launch at the beginning of September. I now want to pre-enroll new students between now and January (when I launch again).

However, I’m telling myself that there’s a strategic way to do this, so I’m staying stuck in inaction.

I have a few thoughts…
– You just sold hard to your people, so they’re not ready to be sold to again
– There’s a strategic way to pre-launch
– There’s a right way to say/do things when you announce you can pre-enroll

I think it’s mostly a combination of all these things…

T: My audience has just been sold to SO there has to be a strategic/right way to announce pre-enrollment and get them excited again
F: stuck/confused
A: procrastinate, don’t post on social media, don’t email my list, don’t post in my group, go try to learn new things (buffer), worry about it being perfect
R: don’t announce pre-enrollment, don’t get any new students

I know there isn’t a RIGHT or perfect way to do this, and I just need to take the next step… which is to make a post or send an email announcing they can pre-enroll. But I just can’t seem to pull the trigger and DO the thing and start. I know I’ll learn as I go and figure it out, but “figuring it out” doesn’t feel strong enough to get me started.