Stuck in Vision Mode

I have been running my own business for 5 years, which has had many twists and turns. My general mission and niche has stayed the same, but my marketing strategies and the products I’ve sold have changed over time (side note: my brain automatically offers me the thought “you’ve been doing this for 5 years and nothing has worked, you’re bad at business” but I am actively replying to that thought by telling my brain “you have 5 years of experience now – everything you need to launch something successful”). I am not making anywhere near the amount of money that I would like to make – my impossible goal this year is to make 100k in 2021 and I’m making around 12k per year in my business.

I have a new “vision” for my business – a membership that I want to launch. I am so excited about it I literally can’t sleep. I envision the content and aesthetics of it and cannot wait to bring it into the world. But here is what I’m struggling with – I feel like I’m stuck in the visioning part and not getting to work. This is a pattern that I’ve experienced in the past – envision a new product or offering, get so excited about it, and then when I bring it into the world it “falls short” of my expectations – it doesn’t have the polished look and feel that I originally envisioned. I think my thoughts and feelings about these past experiences are preventing me from taking action on my new idea. But also, since I don’t have a graphic designer or a lot of money to invest right now , I want to prepare myself for the circumstance that the membership will not look the way I envision – and to come up with thoughts ahead of time so that I do not abandon it because of how Version 1 will look (as I did with my other products). Can you help?