Success is as likely as failure

I have been enjoying my thought downloads this week and had two aha moment. love those. This is them:
It’s equally possible that I will succeed as I will fail.
Results come from actions not thoughts

I realize that I have always thought that there is a bias towards failure. However, there isn’t. In any given situation it could always go either way. I realize that my thinking was that it would probably fail, but there would be a window for success based on other criteria. This criteria would generally be things that I considered that either I wasn’t, or didn’t have (eg I’m not a unicorn, I missed out on the making money gene, etc).
Brooke teaches that we have to get used to failing and fail over and over again. And what Brooke is talking about is failure as a result of action. I get that.
What my brain has been thinking about is avoiding success by looking at failure, and believing it is a bigger slice of the pie than success and then agreeing (albeit subconsciously) that there is no chance of success so not taking any action.

To me, when I think of an action, say, making a dress, and earning money from it, failure seems more likely.

So my UM was:
C: any project I am working on, say a dress or a digital product
T: (subconsciously) failure is more likely than success
F: acceptance (agree with that)
A: no action, don’t make a list of actions I could take, or timetable them out. If I do get that far I don’t follow up, I regard it as a one-off activity to write the list. To me, the action is the thought creation, not the todo list of items that I need to do to get the project done.
R: Project not start/finished.

Previously I felt confused at this result. I did believe that if I thought up a great idea for a project, that alone was enough!! The thought creation was enough. To me, it was natural that I thought I would fail after that. I didn’t see any way around that. For some reason I connected success with the thought and not the actions. Therefore I could see that the project could be successful at the creation stage, but then expected failure after that because success was not linked to action, only to the thought. This was another aha moment for me. It’s like doing a model with no A:
C: idea for project
T: Great idea, love it
F: happy, elated
R: no result [decide to create something else]

I think I thought that the As are too painful to do so maybe I could avoid them and still have success. Isn’t that bizarre?

Could i put my confusion/despondency at lack of results in the C line?
C: perplexed at lack of results
T: I have great ideas how come I’m not earning money from them
F: embarrassed at my failure
A: don’t take action because I associate action with failure, or rather don’t take action because I don’t equate results with action, only with thoughts.
R: no results = failure.

I think the realization that success is as likely as failure might come from the fact that this year I have taken action, failed a bit, succeeded a bit, but really taken action.
So now, what happens if I don’t fail, I mean that’s a real possibility. I could succeed.
So now I have learned that actions = results. Not thoughts = results. my IM would be
C: dress project
T: I love this dress
F: optimistic
A: Make a huge list of how to get this dress done. Set time goals and time limit to get it done. Set a time to photograph the dress and get it uploaded to the website to sell. Enjoy the process of making the dress, both the things that go wrong and the things that go right.
R: Dress made and uploaded to the website. Dress sold

It’s less about the IM than it is my realization that actions not thoughts create results. Do you have anything to add about actions not thoughts creating results? Or about what to do when you get rid of self limiting beliefs? (so relieved about that!)