I’m quite proud of myself.
For years I have pushed against “whatever” to get to my financial goals
It was perfect for the pivot and I have done so well as a result.
I’m now in a future self place that I had wished for.
Good money, and calm busy. It is a lovely place.
I can actually rest
When my toddlers nap, so do I.

I can also plan ahead.
I can play a bigger game.
Because I am not chasing.
I am planning. I am acting. I am thinking. I am pausing. I’m not in a rush, but man things are moving fast. Love it.

So I thought, just for fun that I would make an impossible goal of $500k revenue in the next 4.5 months

This will be about double my normal revenue in this time frame. I feel ready to play with my mind to create this.

I’ve got my team, I’ve got my programs, I have my email communication, my funnels. So I have a couple of plans for how it may occur.

But I think I heard Brooke say something about getting too limited with the planning and not enjoying the thought of $500k allowing for the creativity.

So on one hand I hear the break the goal down into segments (in this case $500k divided by 4.5) and then I also hear about not planning too much.

I realize I get to decide myself for myself but would also like some feedback on creating this impossible goal (is there a workbook on impossible goal? Or a podcast)

I should also say that I’m enrolled in coach training so I have no doubt I will realize by December.

Thanks for your feedback