Successful pro-active business partnership "pre-nup"

Hello! I just binge watched your initial entrepreneur series and appreciate so much all of your invaluable advice.

I am a newbie to SCS and starting LCS certification in April. I’m a physician and am partnering with 2 other friends who are also female physicians for a wellness/health/life coaching endeavor (2 of us are in the April LCS CCP and the other is getting integrative health/wellness coaching certification through U of AZ). I know we should have some sort of business “pre-nup.” Yes?

I watched the video where you said you had to end a business relationship with a friend. I can’t imagine this happening to us, but I also don’t want to be foolish. Hopefully we are wildly successful such that the “pre-nup” wouldn’t even be warranted. But looking back – what are the most important agreements we should have ironed out before we embark on this journey? Thinking of following your plan – 6 week mini course, maybe book with 6 chapters, group course afterward, and maybe eventually membership. Fingers crossed. We are excited!