Suggesting mental health support to a client?

Hi Brooke,
I teach a group programme online. It runs 6 weeks at a time, with pre-recorded videos and then a FB Group and weekly small group calls (i.e. everybody is encouraged to get to know and support one another). It’s basically a marketing course for journalists, but we do address some mindset issues in the group calls, and the model informs some of our discussions.

I have one student who has made numerous posts about her anxiety, being paralyzed, etc. It’s not clear to me if she has real mental health issues and needs a therapist or if she’s simply more committed to complaining than to doing the work. (Prior to SCS I would likely have labeled her as neurotic or dramatic/needy.) I’m concerned for her well being as well as for the group dynamic.

Is it overstepping to suggest she seek professional help for her self-described anxiety and related issues? And what is the best way to do so (I presume in a private message, but then it may also seem to everybody else that I ignored her).

I haven’t seen you recommend somebody in SCS to seek therapy, but a) maybe I just haven’t been around long enough yet and b) I cannot offer her the level of support she seems to need.

My own model on this:
C-student says she is anxious
T-she is complaining again?!
A-offer short lesson on reframing
(but still next day student says she is anxious)

C-student says she is anxious
T-maybe she has real mental health issues
F-out of my depth
A-came to ask Brooke 😀
R-still not sure what to do

intentional – ?
C-student says she is anxious
T-I want to help her figure this out
A- ?
R-I served her