Super Annoying Client

I have a client that I find VERY annoying. Her entire communication, especially e-mails, is written in a way that leaves me annoyed about her harsh and disrespectful tone.

I am in the building industry and I get a lot of matter-of-fact or not-friendly communication but it has never been a problem for me.

With this client, I want to reply to each e-mail by saying, “first work on your wording and tone, then I might see to your actual problem“. Of course, I won’t do that but I am wondering how I could address this because it will be another six months of daily annoying e-mails.

Also, I would prefer if I could change my thoughts and not be upset and not have to have a conversation, but haven’t managed to shake it off so far.

Last but not least I find myself buffering with food and coffee after each e-mail because I am just so annoyed. What can I do?