Switching Gears

Hi. I have been focusing on the idea of developing an online course to teach money management strategies to teens. The more I become involved I am starting to believe there is not enough of a market for that product. So many people say that their kids need to learn money skills and it should be taught in schools, but it doesn’t seem like parents would actually pay for a course to teach them. My marketing audience would mostly have to focus on parents who would buy this product for their kids…but I am starting to feel like this just will not work to produce a “livable” income. I do a model on this just about every day and I consistently get negative results, i.e. I will not sell enough of my product to justify the effort. Before investing additional time, money (this far has been minimal) and effort I need to decide whether to change directions or not. If I decide not to go any further with this I don’t know what else I could do to start a business. This is the only idea I have come up with in years!! I am to the point where I obsess over coming up with a business idea. What are your thoughts?