Switching Niche or Just Continuing to Refine it?

I have a current niche. I help women in their 20’s who have been officially diagnosed with ADHD  go paperless in order to finally be as productive as they know they can be.

I’ve been doing all the double your business niche work and really like trying hard to get clarity around my person.

However – plot twist (maybe not? maybe a sign from the universe?)

I had a new-ish coach friend reach out to me a couple weeks ago saying she needs help with her back-end business systems. It’s not technically the “program” I would hypothetically offer to someone coming to me with the niche I mentioned above, but all the frameworks still apply and I believe 100% on fire in my bones that I’m the PERFECT person to help her for lots of reasons. It’s a perfect match.

I’m thinking about incorporating parts of what I’m loving about working with her into my marketing and kind of move my current niche narrowing in that direction. Part of me is like omg that’s considered switching. Part of me is no like this is actually the narrowing we need to do and get more specific on, it’s not switching.

The difference between the two niches would be that the first one markets to people to organize their productivity systems digitally and then once they know the time management, project management, and thought management skills, they can then take it and apply it on their own to if they work in corporate, or have a side gig, or want to go full time with their side hustle or whatever, but I’ll just first teach them the framework for their personal life. However, those of us with ADHD know that we are never just doing one thing! The lines are often blurred between personal and business and it all meshes into one. The newer niche would sound something like “I help millennial women with ADHD end the battle with their brains when it comes to productivity, to do lists, calendars, etc (that part needs more work) and figure out how to manage both personal and professional sides of their life, kind of getting out of your own way and actually move forward on your entrepreneurial dreams (implies they’re doing some sort of side hustle/side gig/with a core job type thing) but the only difference would be that instead of just helping them with personal stuff, it would be like i’m technically helping them personally because it’s their brain, but it flows over into the business systems so easy, like this is just where I get lost.

The second niche – something about it is different than the first but feels more “right” and aligned. I can’t pinpoint it YET, but I believe it’s a step in the right direction.

The story I have around my niche is this: I already have a niche. But I have zero clients so far. I can’t switch my niche until I have success in this one first, then I can make a specific, thought out, well-informed, transition into the new one. I shouldn’t ditch the old one. I haven’t given it enough of a shot yet to succeed. (Belief: I shouldn’t switch my current niche.)

The story around the second one is kind of wobbly. I should switch it because it feels more right. It’s possible that I’m not “switching”, I’d just be narrowing further and that actually would be a good/smart move. This might be the wrong decision. I haven’t technically launched my “Going paperless with ADHD” podcast yet, so I’m not technically locked into that niche, I could technically switch to the other one and have not gone too deep.

Part of me is like I should switch my positioning now instead of going all in with paperless because my historical pattern is perfectionism, and then do everything perfect in order to “release it”, and ultimately I never get anything done.

I COULD choose the “new” niche and commit to that decision and go all in with it.

Or I COULD decide to figure out how to position the one I currently have to make it work.

I’m working on roughly piecing together some models with:
I shouldn’t switch my niche.
I like where this is going (feeling aligned with new girl’s project and not as much with the current niche).
This feels right.
I think I’m onto something.
I should just make this other one work somehow.
I should figure out how to merge these two niches into one super niche.
A: Consider pausing the soft launch of my podcast in order to recreate all 7 first episodes
A: Decide to take on this client’s project
A: Brainstorm how to position myself (with the “new” niche)
A: Second guess my current niche, wonder if I should switch niches
R: I have 0 clients in the current niche/strategy/program. I have 1 client in proposal process of a project (outside of the niche I market to, but still close enough).