Taking Action

I am an LCS certified Life Coach, since Sep 2020. I have decided to serve HealthCare Leaders , teaching resilience strategies and how to get out of overwhelm. I envision my business model being firstly reaching out to hospital systems offering to speak at their leadership meetings/conferences/workshops. I also do want to coach 1:1 for a few years to sharpen my skills at coaching.

My issue: OMG I am spinning about “starting” – using the excuse of moving to a new house/remodeling/painting/moving in as a reason not to work on my message. I believe that this is going to happen for me, and actually envision myself being a disruptor in this industry: Coming up with a succinct and motivational way to teach responsibility in leadership: using the MODEL and Mind Management. AND THAT’S WHERE I STOP. Just ideas. Then I wonder why the hell I should put so much effort in, I’m not creative, I am shy, and the favorite “no one wants to hear what I have to say.” Then, I see the possibility that this journey can be a lot of fun, and oh so worth it. And then I am so glad to be retired (was a nurse and nurse leader for 34 years…) and really don’t “need” to be bringing in any income…. In my self coaching, I can get to the place where I know this if possible for me – but (and this is so interesting to me as I write this,) I still feel the feeling of pressure with either thought: T/. This is so very possible for me. ….YIKES!! F/ pressure.
Or T/ you can’t even coach yourself out of overwhelm F/ pressure
Lately, I wonder if I just have not gotten to a strong WHY of why I want to do this, why I am the best nurse to lead these leaders to new heights, or why I don’t give a damn about making any money. I titled this Taking Action because I am not : taking massive action. Yet.