Taking business personally

I am in charge of growth for a small service company. We used to rely on mostly face to face marketing, which I had confidence I was good at and brought the company and our clients value. I’m working on pivoting our approach and don’t think it’s going so well in terms of the owner of the company and I being on the same page about what direction to take. My brain is loving to remind me of all the things I have come up with that have not been loved lately (I know that’s a thought too). I ran a couple of ideas past the owner of the company yesterday that he rejected. I’m taking it personally and don’t like the results I’m driving. In my thought download, among others, I found this thought that is part of the culprit.

C – Boss said “it’s a hard no for me” to one idea and passed on another idea in the same day
T – My job is to bring ideas he likes and wants to do
F – In need of validation
A – waste time overthinking my communication with him, get defensive about the idea, daydream about quitting and starting my own business where I can just run with ideas I like (high drama, right?), don’t do the things on my calendar, second guess myself and my capability at work, bring up all the ideas I used to have that got the reaction I liked as a way to beat myself up that I’ don’t have “it” anymore
R – wasted time, I don’t like the job I do

I’m working on tying my result back into my thought. I know as an emotional adult, I am responsible for my own validation. Do you have ideas about where to go next in my model work to help me not make his rejection mean I’m unworthy?