Taking time “off”

My husband and I are getting ready to take our annual trip to Hawaii for a full month with our 2 year old and our infant. He is on parental leave from now until mid April so he won’t need to think about work. I on the other hand, am an entrepreneur and my impossible goal for this year is to make 10K in online course revenue. I will be teaching at least one yoga workshop while we are away which means I will still be plugged in and in touch with my assistant to make sure everything for that class is worked out and for the upcoming yoga festivals I am teaching at in the Spring and in order to stay on track with that 10K I will be finishing up a class online and marketing for the next one.

Writing all that out, I see that I won’t really be truly taking time off in the same way he is or unplugging very much from these projects. This is one of my biggest ongoing challenges with my business, that I am never totally off for any extended period of time. Any suggestions or thoughts on how you make this work with your own biz?