Talking about my niche

Hey Coach

I have recently narrowed down my niche, from coaching women on all aspects in life, to helping mom entrepreneurs make money in their business.
I am so in love with my niche, as this is exactly what I have gone through, as I’ve evolved over the last 2 years.

Suddenly I have embarrassment coming up when I talk about my niche and when I post value in my newsletter and FB group.

T: I didn’t announce that I am narrowing my niche
F: Embarrassed
A: Don’t talk directly about my niche
R: People are confused.

T: Can I really help them make money?
F: Scared
A: Don’t t give specific value, and I’m being very broad.
Stay in confusion, not knowing what to talk about.

T: I’ve built up an audience over the last few years where 80-90% of the woman don’t have their own business. So when I do give value, it’s to the wrong people.
F: Disheartened
A: I don’t give direct value to mom entrepreneurs that are struggling to make money in their businesses.
R: Not growing my business

In my intentional model, I find myself thinking.
T: Who cares what I did in the past. I was learning and growing. It’s not for granted.
I am deciding to build on that.
F: Driven
A: Make a list of 50 things I can talk about that will help Mom entrepreneurs shift their mindset and make more money today.
I constantly give direct value, talking very specifically to my narrow niche.
R: The right people are sitting upright listening as it effects them directly.
My business explodes.

I for sure swing between all of these.
And yet I keep feeling the confusion/hesitation come up.

Could you please suggest a daily/hourly practice to ground myself in my niche??