Talking to millionaires

I’ve launched my podcast , Married To Doctors!
It has taken GUTS! HOURS of my life and MONEY! But I am really proud of myself and know that SCS has helped me get over myself and put it out there!
I’m getting great feedback from listeners and others in the online marketing Doctor world. I find that since I am on a shoestring budget with a husband in training, I’m scared to talk to these people. They are my people and I want to work with them, but they intimidate the x!$ out of me
C- approached by someone successful and rich
T – I’m not worthy, business isn’t valid, it’s a podcast. All say podcasts are business assets not businesses. Also they only approach me to sell their products, right?
A- respond slowly, hesitating and don’t come across as capable
R- don’t collaborate and learn

C – approached
T- these are my people!
F- I am worthy? Capable?
See, that’s not so believable yet even though it should be.
Dang it
Dang it
I’m still not believing in myself!!
Why the heck not?
What’s wrong with me?
I can’t figure out why I don’t think I can be successful
It’s like it’s just not my story

Please help!