Target Audience

Hi, I am excited to become a Life Coach after Certification at the LCS. I would like to develop a coaching business around the issue of expatriation. I believe this topic fits into the relationships category:

(1) Relationships to self: Who am I? Where do I belong? What is my identity? Where is home? What is it to be me in this constant changing world? What am I in this world to do?

(2) Relationships to others: family, extended family, friends, peers: Where do I fit in? What is my tribe?

I have identified two submarkets and would be grateful for your advice on what you think of either of them, and whether you think I can target both and not only one from the beginning, or if I should first pursue one and then pursue the other one.

The first target is: The parent of expat children who is following the partner and lives in a culture that is not home culture. The second target: The professional(s) working with expat kids in International Schools. Those kids are called : TCKs (Third Culture Kids). In my sense, this is a bit what the LCS is doing with self-scholars program and coaching certification program.

The solution to the problems I am proposing is:

– To teach the expat who follows not to give up on the dreams, goals and aspirations he/she has, wherever the world takes this person, no matter how many times he or she needs to start over. I do so through reducing the desire to give up on oneself, increasing the desire to be resilient and follow through. Another version I wrote is this: I teach the expat who follows to achieve his/her full potential wherever the world takes him/her/the family, through increasing the desire to follow through goals, dreams, aspirations and reducing urges, changing the thought patterns to build resilience.

– To teach the professional(s) working with TCKs in international schools to acquire tools they will help TCKs to cope with the challenges they face: constant change, loss, grief, sense of belonging, rootlessness, restlessness, buffering etc…

I am super excited about receiving your feedback. I am really just starting and I am grateful for your help and advice in making it real.

Warm regards.