Target market

Hi.  I was on the Double Your Business in 3 Months call with Brooke awesome!

I have just started an online course (how to start a house cleaning business, initially).  I said it was for women looking to start a house cleaning business, but Brooke suggested instead not to target as a “business opportunity” or to people who just started a house cleaning business, but as a way for women to make extra money working part time with out sacrificing family time.  She said to be very specific as to age and location.

I thought moms aged 25-30 who live in middle to upper middle suburban areas.  Is this specific enough?  I’m guessing I will have to test and see, but wanted to hear a coach’s thought.

Also I started a FB group for women to start a house cleaning business (only a few friends/family in there now), but thinking that’s not my target market, and I should change the group’s message, geared to moms looking to make extra money but who want to be there for the children/family.  Show them it doesn’t require additional skill or education (other than my course) and my offer is making extra money without sacrificing family time.  She also said to do FB ads so I want to be clear who I am targeting.  Thanks so much.